Email Backup MX

No more lost email during downtime

If you run your own mail server, our backup mail service is essential to make sure you receive all of your important email. If your mail server is down or unavailable, Email Backup MX will accept the messages and then re-deliver them once your mail server is restored.

How does it work?

If your mail server cannot be reached, then your email is sent to our back-up email servers. Once it reaches our servers, it remains in queue and we continually reattempt delivery of the mail to your primary mail server. When your primary server is back online, the queued mail is instantly delivered to your mail server. Backup MX will keep attempting to deliver mail to your server for 10 days or until it responds.

DNSBL filtering

We filter our mail against our DNSBL (DNS black hole list), filtering and discarding any email with bad intentions.

Unlimited email storage. Works with any email servers and on any mail domains.

Backup now for only RM 299 per year

Hassle-free setup with minimum IT knowledge required. Price is for one email domain.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Backup MX does not limit the total volume of individual messages it can store or redeliver.
Backup MX does not perform any spam scanning or virus elimination. You can enable additional DNSBLs to block spam from known bad senders.
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