Website Application Firewall (WAF)

Your Web Presence Means Attacks Come From Around The World


DDoS Mitigation

DDoS attacks have increased in popularity. They are easy to employ and highly effective. Often, the attacker has to do little to cause your website harm. The goal is to disrupt your business by taking your website off-line. Stay ahead of these attacks.

Stop Hackers

The biggest contributor to website hacks today come from insecure code being exploited. With enough time, as new techniques are found, attackers find ways to exploit weaknesses in code. The Website Firewall helps stop those vulnerabilities from being exploited.

Performance Optimization

The biggest concern with security implementations is always the impacts to the websites performance. Rest assured that with our Website Firewall, you experience dramatic increases in performance, not just in how your website loads for your clients, but in the load placed on your web server.

Brute Force Protection

Regardless of platforms, attackers are looking to hack your website via any means possible. One very popular technique employs a concept known as Brute Force attacks. This technique is antiquated, yet highly effective. It’s a means of trying every possible combination of username and password against your log in panel, in the attempt at guessing the right combination, in turn gaining access to your website.

Malware Prevention

No one wants to know that their website is being used to infect online visitors. Whether it’s to install a Trojan or something similar on their computer, or to steal credentials to their social platforms (i.e., Facebook, Twitter, etc..).

Immediate Response

Zero Day attacks have been around since the beginning of the security industry. They signify the moment where vulnerabilities are disclosed and a patch is not available. It’s the moment where you and your website are at the greatest risk. Our Website Firewall allows us to virtually patch your environment within minutes of a Zero Day event being disclosed.

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