Managed Web Hosting

Content updates, security and user experience can all have a huge impact on your overall website presence. It’s crucial that the company you deal with is up to date, uses best practices and provides great customer service.

Envigeek managed web hosting looks after all the server hardware and software maintenance on the customer’s behalf including patching and updates, monitoring and performance. Managed web hosting services deliver full time technical resource available to address any issues that may arise, update applications, do the necessary security patching and monitor a customer’s servers to ensure it is always up.

As our customer, you’ll benefit from our years of experience planning, deploying, and managing configurations for all kinds of companies. Whether you are after a reactive, proactive or fully customised agreement, we have a solution that can be tailored to your exact needs.

The Importance of Staying Up to Date
One of the greatest threats to internet security is out of date software. You have to understand that one of the driving factors to success in the hacking world is time. The more time hackers have to analyze and take apart the software you use, the greater the likelihood of them finding a way to exploit it and potentially gain access to your users or your own private files.

For any industry, you need time to focus on your business and customers. We can help by running your business-critical systems, freeing you from the hassles of IT administration. Envigeek will manage the servers, network, operating systems, and application software, while you get more peace of mind and more time for what matters. You get dedicated experts for your account who know you, know your applications and requirements.

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