Domain Name Services

Fully-managed domain name services ranging from registration and renewals, to DDOS protected DNS and green-bar HTTPS.

Domain Registration


Managed DNS


SSL Certificate

Why do you need domain name services to have a web presence?

The Internet at large runs on numbers, IP addresses, that are great for computers to work with but difficult for people to remember. To help with this, we assign names to these numbers using the Domain Name System, or DNS for short. Domain name records are used as a naming system for computers, servers, and other services on the Internet, much like a phonebook that matches names with numbers.

Domain Name Registration and Renewals

ICANN compliance guaranteed, including registrant validation and all required expiration reminder emails.

Domain Suggestions

Our domain name suggestions service are recommended based on keyword popularity, domain extension and word relevance.

Privacy Protection

Domain WHOIS Privacy Protection hides the identity of a domain owner when anyone checks it. With Privacy Protection service, masked contact information appears in the public WHOIS database.

Theft Protection

Losing your domain can be devastating. Our domain Theft Protection puts your domain on lockdown. It makes accidental or malicious transfers virtually impossible.

Managed DNS

DDOS Protected Domain Name Servers (DNS)

SSL Certificates

All websites need SSL. We’ll help you get the right certificate, at the right price.
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Domain Validated

Domain Validation is the least-stringent level of validation. To obtain one of these SSL certificates, an organization only has to prove they control the domain.

Organisation Validated

Organization Validation involves a manual vetting process. Organization Validation SSL certificates will contain the organization’s name and address, making them more trustworthy for users than Domain Validation certificates.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation involves a full background check of the organization. This validation level takes the longest and costs the most, but Extended Validation SSL certificates are more trustworthy than other types of SSL certificates.