Managed Internet Marketing Automation Campaign

Whether you’re creating awareness, driving demand, nurturing leads, or enhancing customer experience, we can help you achieve all of that with marketing automation.
Did you know that one of the most effective ways to stay in touch with your customers is through marketing automation?
With marketing automation, you can create personalized email messages or send social media updates for those who are interested in your products or services.

What’s possible using Marketing Automation

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Pursuade your potential customers to complete their checkout by asking if they need any help placing the order, or offer a personalised discount.

Time-Limited Upsell

Recommends higher value item of the same product range with special time-limited discount when your customer immediately choose to upgrade.

Reward Loyal Fans

Retain returning customers to keep purchasing again and in higher value, by rewarding them of exclusive offerings and promotions.

Drip Funnel

Keep your customers in-line with your expected sales journey by using time- or trigger-based workflow. Drip when your customer completed each funnel stages.

Products Recommendation

Use shopping history and browsing patterns to offer personalised product recommendations to your customers the items they haven’t think of buying yet.


Get more sales from multiple quantities by offering special combo price for similar items to the products that your customers already wanted to purchase.

Win Back Customers

It’s your second chance to capture your lost leads. Try win back your potential customers after specific time with unique and better offer.

Action or In-Action

Send out notifications to your customers when they do something on your website, or even when they didn’t do the expected action after specific time.

How to Execute Marketing Automation

Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications allow users to opt-in to timely updates from your website and allow you to effectively re-engage them with personalised messaging.

Email Marketing

The use of email within your marketing efforts to promote a business’s products and services, as well as incentivize customer loyalty. This can help you to build meaningful relationships with your customers.

SMS Marketing

Cut through the noise and directly target your customers on the device they use the most – their smartphones. SMS marketing automation lets you send the right message to the right people at the right time.

Social Media Automation

Optimise social media interactions by automating social media publication, engagement and management thus reducing the hours spent on maintaining and growing brand accounts.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM, or search engine marketing, is the act of using paid strategies to increase search visibility. With SEM, brands pay for ads to appear as search results on search engine results pages (SERPs). They target select keywords so that when a user searches for those terms, they see an ad from the brand. The brand is charged only if a user clicks on the ad.

Paid search ads can be found on almost any search results page. These paid placements are typically located at the top and bottom of the page. They include an “Ad” designation to let users know that it is a paid placement.


Frequently Asked Questions about Managed Internet Marketing Automation Campaign

What's the difference between marketing automation and CRM?

CRM and marketing automation tools are not the same but complementary to each other. While CRM has been mainly designed for sales purposes, an automation tool is designed for marketers mainly. You can use the combination of marketing automation and CRM to get more leads and close more deals. In short, marketing automation helps companies to automate various campaigns while CRM keeps the sales team on the same page with a common database of leads.

Why do I need automation if I have email auto-responders?

You can simply do much more with marketing automation than you can with email marketing or auto-responders. Email auto-responder is a single outbound marketing tactic. You have pre-written content that automatically gets sent out to anyone trying to reach you. And while this tactic can be beneficial in some ways, it is vastly different than what can be accomplished through automated marketing. With an automated process, you first will set up a marketing campaign. Then, depending on how you set up your campaign, different automated actions can be put in place based on the actions of the recipients. This process takes communication past simply responding to an email and brings it across multiple channels. Yes, both an email auto-responder and marketing automation platform are created to make your life easier, but that is about as far as the similarities go.

Can marketing automation be used for both sales and marketing?

Marketing automation allows companies to push customers and prospects through the sales funnel with limited time and resources. From a sales perspective, marketing automation tools help turn those potential prospects into actual leads with automated actions that keep you on top of the sales process. Keeping track of all of your prospects and sending out the right touches at the right time is key to any sales team. From the marketing side, automating your campaigns gives you the ability to reach your targets with various engagements. From social media posts to email campaigns, there is no better way to push out your content than on an automated basis.